J118 Halogen Bulb, 120-130 Volt, 300 Watt, 10pc

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J118 Halogen Bulb, 120-130 Volt, 300 Watt, 10 Piece

* New, Old Stock. In OEM Packaging.

Additional Notes:
* Shape: T3
* Base: RSC
* Recessed Single Contact, Double Ended
* Length: 118mm
* Diameter: 8mm
* Voltage: 120-130 Volt
* Wattage: 300 Watt
* Hours: 2000 Hours
* Type of Bulb: Halogen (Clear)
* Halogen lamps deliver a crisp, white light, not only you get more light per unit of energy than a standard incandescent of comparable wattage, but the quality of the light creates a higher contrast for reading and other tasks this also makes halogen perfect for work lights, lighting display cases, accent and general lighting.
* Standard incandescent lamps and halogen lamps both use tungsten filaments. However, the filament in the standard lamp evaporates over time, causing it to weaken and eventually break.
* The gasses inside halogen lamps allow the evaporated tungsten to find its way back to the filament and redeposit, ensuring a long life of 2,000 hours or more.