Fuji Electric FRENIC-Mini (C2) Motor Controller

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Fuji Electric FRENIC-Mini (C2) Motor Controller

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Additional Notes:
* Input Voltage: 200-240 Volt, 3 Phase
* Horsepower: 15 HP
* Output: 3 Phase Output
* Housing/Enclosure: IP20 (NEMA 1 Kit Available)
* Type of Drive: General Purpose, Volts per Hertz (V/Hz)
* Outdoor Rated: No
* STO (Safe Torque Off): No
* Options: Enclosed, General Purpose Use
* Availability: Standard Stock
* Product Series: FRENIC-Mini
* Input Phase: 3 Phase
* Starting Torque: 150% running at 1Hz with Slip compensation and auto-torque boost
* Control: V/F control, Slip compensation, Auto-toque boost, Dynamic torque vector control system
* Built in Modbus RTU
* Dynamic Torque Vector Control System
* Slip Compensation which shortens setting time
* PID Control Function
* Cooling Fan ON/OFF Control Function
* Synchronous Motor Control
* Standard RS-485 communications port
* V/F (Non-Linear 3 Step)
* Two motor parameter sets
* Brake signal (brake release signal)
* Rotational direction control (prevent forward/reverse movement)

Fuji Electric