Drill Baseboard BBZ5/16,63-516, 5/16"

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Drill Baseboard BBZ5/16,63-516, 5/16"

* New, Surplus Stock. No OEM Packaging.

Additional Notes:
* Labor Saving Devices developed this unique drill bit to create a curved hole from just below carpet line up into the center of the floor plate in the wall cavity.
* Avoid the messy and time consuming alternative of removing the base board and chiseling out a path through the wall and the wood floor plate.
* This tool provides a clean, professional installation when you need to route wire or cable from the floor level up into the wall.
* Great for slab construction, concrete floors or under-carpet wire applications. 
* The study powder coated steel frame directs the specialized cable shaft paddle bit up along an arc into the wall cavity so that you prevent drilling through the opposite wall surface.
* Each unit is shipped as a kit that includes the cable bit with frame, a 10 foot thin fish wire in storage case (to fish your wire or cable through the curved hole) and hex wrench.

Labor Saving Devices
BBZ5/16,63-516, Base-Boar-Zit