22/2, Braided Shield, PDVF Jacket, M27500-22MH2T08

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22/2, Braided Shield, PDVF Jacket, M27500-22MH2T08

Product Details:
Shielded Aviation Wire, PDVF
Mil-Spec: M27500-22MH2T08
22 AWG, 2 Conductor
Stranding: 19/34 (each)
Conductor: Tinned Copper
Insulation: Radiation-Crosslinked Polyalkene
Shielding: Round-Braided Tinned Copper
Jacketing:  Dual wall primary wires with braid and outer jacket
600 Volt Rating
Color: One white, one white w/blue stripe; white jacket.
Temperature Rating: 302 Degree F (150 Degree C)
OD: ~.165"

This wire is unused and has never been installed. Unfortunately, aircraft wire like this is often in splices. We will try to fill your order with a continuous run, but this may not always be possible.

All of the wire is new and unused surplus inventory that we have acquired from various sources over the years. Skycraft Parts & Surplus does not express, imply, nor supply any Certification of Conformance (CoC) or traceability for any wire.