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120V AC Latching Relay, DPDT 10 Amp Dual-Coil

Latching Relay, 10amp DPDT, Dual Coils
120V AC Latching Relay, DPDT 10 Amp 2-Coil
The 255 Series is a two coil latching version of the general purpose type 219 relay. When the operate coil is momentarily energized, contacts transfer and remain so even after coil power is removed. The second coil when momentarly energized, provides electrical reset of the contacts. All contacts operate from a common armature to prevent contatct overlapping. Coils are rated for continous duty. Both coils can be energized at the same time with no damage. The operate coil is dominant
Contact Configuration: DPDT
Contact Material: Silver Alloy Gold Diffused
Contact Raiting Resistive Load: 120 VAC @ 10 Amp / 240 VAC @ 5 Amp / 28 VDC @ 10 Amp
Coil Voltage: Both Operate & Release 120 VAC
Timing: Operate 25mS, Release 20mS

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