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Trip Indicating Relay, Contact Rating 3.0 Amp

Detect the presence of current in power system circuit breaker trip coils
The TIR relays are designed for event recording circuit applications, where high speed event monitoring is required.
The TIR relay contacts are used to record breaker functions, relay, communication and control system operations.
The TIR contacts are also used to activate alarm and/or annunciator contacts.

The E-MAX Trip Indication Relays detect the presence of current in power system circuit breaker trip coils.
The TIR has a current coil designed for installation in circuit breaker trip coil circuits.
The coil is designed for extreme overloads to ensure safe operation.
The relay high-speed contact closure assures positive indication of breaker coil currents where slower speed devices may fail to actuate.
Contact speed is 3 milliseconds or less.

All Trip Indication Relays are molded of rugged glass-coupled acetal copolymer having high dielectric strength and rigid terminal studs for ease in mounting and connection.
Terminal to mounting surface insulation will withstand more than 2500 Vrms.

Dimensions: 3.5" (L) x 1.75" (W) x 1.6" (H)
2 Mounting Holes are: 3" Center to Center (0.196" Diameter)
Terminals are 10-32 Studs

Coil Parameters:
Maximum Continuous Current: 1.60 DC Amps
Operating Current: 0.5 DC Amps
Maximum Resistance @ 25 Degree C 0.3 Ohms
Maximum Responce Time (Including Bounce): 3 milliseconds

Relay Rating:
Breakdown Voltage: 1000 Volt DC
Switch Form: SPDT Normally Open/Normally Closed
Contact Rating: 3 Amp Max, 100 Watt, 500 Volt DC
UL Recognized

E-Max Instruments
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