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3.5" LCD Digit Digital Multimeter

Handheld Digital Multimeter Economy 6 Function, Pocket Size
3.5" LCD Digit Digital Multimeter

This 3.5" LCD digit multimeter comes with a carrying case and test leads wound around it's ergonomic body.
The meter can measure DC / AC Voltage, DC Current, Resistance, Diode and Continuity Tester

Liquid Crystal Display
DC Volt Scale: 2 Volt 20 Volt, 200 Volt, 500 Volt (Maximum Allowable Input: 500 Volt DC)
AC Volt Scale: 200 Volt, 500 Volt
DC Amp Scale: 20 mAmp (Overload Protection: 200 mAmp Fuse)
Ohm Scale: 2 kΩ, 20 kΩ, 200 KΩ, 2 MegΩ
Diode Test: Yes
Continunity Buzzer: Yes
Includes: Meter, Operating Manual and 18" Test Leads
Requires 12 Volt DC Battery (Included)
Dimensions: 2-9/16" (W) x 4-11/16" (L) x 3/4" (Depth)

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