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TDK Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp Inverter

8-20 Volt Input 12 Volt Nominal

CXA Series CXA-M1112-VJ


The CXA-M1112-VJ is an inverter for cold cathode fluorescent
lamps and features a built-in dimmer.

Because they employ advanced output current control, fluctuations
in input voltage, load, and distributed capacitance have virtually
no effect on brightness.

Output open and short circuit conditions result in no damage,
heat generation, or other difficulties.

The CXA-M1112-VJ has an overvoltage protection device and a
temperature fuse built-in, thereby achieving a safety design.

An alarm output function mounted on the CXA-M1112-VJ is useful
to detect an occurrence of an error in lamps.

Insulation is simplified due to flat backside surface of board.

It is a product conforming to RoHS directive.

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