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Mini Radial Oriented Ring Magnet

Diametrically Magnetized Dimensions: 1.71" x 0.85" x 0.31

Mini Radial Oriented Ring Magnet

Donut shaped magnet, sold individually
Diametrically magnetized so that the north pole is on one curved side and the south pole is on opposite curved side.
See image 2 depicting the polarity of the magnets. Red is north Grey, is south. (Magnet color is Grey per image 1)
Unfortunately we're unable to quantify their strength

Great for experiments and school science projects. 
Measures: 1.71" OD x 0.85" ID x 0.31" thick
Keep things organized on the 'fridge!

Made of un-coated ceramic ferrite.

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California Residents: WARNING Proposition 65

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